Cancellation Policy

Bandwidth behaves similar to  electricity and needs to be used or dissipates

Also like electricity bandwidth needs to be kept in reserve for peak loads, these are calculated in advance depending upon packages purchased by customers

Therefore like electricity GTTPL cannot issue any refunds for unused packages / part used packages purchased from us

TRAI guidelines strictly lay down the Mean Time to Repair(MTR) and the credit to be issued in case the MTR is not met.

GTTPL strictly follows TRAI guidelines and issues pro rate credit notes for MTRs over the set guidelines in the form of service credit

Perceptions of other parameters vary from one person to another and GTTPL does not issue any service credit based upon perceptions but we reserve the right to issue credit notes in cases where we feel that customer service would be better served in light of customer relationships

GTTPL also acts as Franchisees for other telecom providers and in such cases all refunds / credit notes would be issued by the principle telecom provider based upon their set norms.

In case of any clarity required on the same, the customer is requested to email  for further clarifications

CIN: U64201MH2003PTC141090


Unified Telecom Licence Number:


+ 91-2066277944 - Accounts

+ 91-2066277945 - Technical

Regd Off: G2, Shahnaz, 202, S.V.Rd, Bandra (W), Mumbai 400050

Operations Office :Office No. 3, Kumar Cerebrum III, Kalyani Nagar Pune 411016

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